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Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."

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Name:Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne
Birthdate:Jul 19

Role Playing Profile for Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne.
Timothy is a product of DC. I do not claim ownership in any possible way.

Character may be interpreted differently through play.

Role Playing Stipulations:
- I am Strict when it comes to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. I will NOT RP with someone who cannot grasp these simple, English concepts. No Chat-speak, and no controlling my character.
- I strictly RP in the third/second person, on the occasion that it shows up. NEVER will I RP in first person. This character is not me, and I am not him. Please do not get the two twisted.
- One-lining to Multi-graph acceptable. Anything above and beyond my expectations warrants great affection and even greater attention. (Novella is fucking beautiful guys.)
- Character is open as far as relationships go, but I, myself, prefer pairing him with men. No offense. If you play your part well, he may go your way, but that's up to me. I will not be pressured into making a decision either. Do this and I will no longer be in contact with you.
- I am open to almost ALL RP's provided they follow the rules stated above. I look forward to meeting some fellow DCer's along the way. :3

Interests (41):

aqualad, bart, bart allen, bat, batgirl, batman, bruce wayne, cass, cassandra cain, conner, conner kent, damian, damian wayne, dc, dc nation, dick, dick grayson, jason, jason todd, justice, kaldur, kid flash, kon-el, m'gann morgan, martian girl, megan, nightwing. richard grayson, robin, speedster, superboy, superhero, superheroes, superman, tim, tim drake, timotby drake, villain, wally west, wayne, young, young justice
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