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Christmas was spent with the Bat Family, per usual. Ever silent Bruce Wayne barely spoke a word to him, and Damian and he couldn't pass in the hallways without knocking over some expensive piece of pottery whilst fighting/arguing. Seemed like the only calm he got was when Cassandra or Dick Grayson were around. They'd spend time together eating cookies or just chilling and watching TV (even if Timothy was more for crime fighting than relaxing). All in all, the holidays were the best time of the year, for family, and apparently...for criminals.

Several jewelry thefts plus hold ups at banks had lead to a rather miserable holiday feeling for the bat family. Though they shared these special moments together, they were strained and often times ended in arguments about who should've done what during such circumstances, or why the perp got away. It was rather unsettling, and after only a few short outbursts, the family disintegrated into their own daily pattern.

Tim spent most of his time in the gym or out paroling the streets, his vigilance and investigators eye the very thing that Bruce had sought him for. The level-headed teenager didn't want to waste a minute on such a silly thing as holidays--especially now with his family gone. Well, his real family. Sure, the Wayne's were nice enough, and Bruce had adopted him earlier on, but it just wasn't the same without some blood relatives to 'deck the Halls' with.

"I don't suppose you have anything better to do than follow me?" He questioned the person behind him, eyes still trained on a pair of people below who looked rather suspicious in their actions. It grew annoying, really...this person following him. What was their vendetta?

[Looking for some intriguing RP for Tim during the holidays. If you want to be a villain, a friend, or one of Drake's bat-family members, feel free to jump on in! I adore all comments/questions/posts, and look forward to hearing from people. :3]


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